The Pictures Speak for Themselves!!

Look how well the EC3 Mould Spray worked on this shoe! 

A customer recently sent us her shoe for mould testing and decontamination to decide whether it was worth keeping her entire wardrobe or throwing it all away.
The EC3 Mould Spray was used to decontaminate and clean the shoe.
The before and after pictures speak for themselves!!



EC3 Mould Solution Spray is an all-natural, botanical surfactant that treats indoor environments for mould and mycotoxins.  Highly effective and ready-to-use, EC3 Mould Solution Spray is safe for all materials, surfaces and fabrics, no harmful chemicals.  

This product is safe for all materials and designed to treat mould and bacterial contamination on all of your hard and soft surfaces including, floors, walls, furnishings, clothes, shoes, car interiors, and even pets. The spray works on contact and thus, can only treat the areas where applied. It works best when used frequently to maintain healthy mould levels and to prevent a general build-up of mould in your home, office or car.  Read the independent laboratory test confirming EC3 Mould Solution's effectiveness.

EC3 Mould Solution Spray is a vital part of the Environmental Treatment Protocol developed by Dr. Don Dennis, MD FACS, for sufferers of chronic sinusitis or other mould-related diseases.  EC3 Mould Solution Spray and EC3 Air Purification Candles are designed to work together to clean your home, office, or car.  

We recognise using potent chemicals like bleach will eliminate mould and mildew discolouration with initial contact; however, bleach does not penetrate porous materials.  Bleach removes mould on the surface but its water base penetrates porous materials and actually continues to feed the mould.  The hyphae (roots) will eventually grow back.  To treat discoloured grout or tile, it is recommended to use EC3 Mould Solution Spray with some form of scrubbing or high-pressure spray or steam for best results. 

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