Toxic load or Total Body Load Explained...

Chronic health problems can be frustrating and difficult to understand. Patients don’t always grasp why, after years of good health, they are now constantly suffering and faced with multiple health issues and symptoms. 

It is important to understand why your body reacts the way that it does and can become ill over time when subject to certain environments, stressors, or toxins.

Key points to Remember for  your Health:

1.      Your genetics load the gun. Your environment pulls the trigger.  Every patient has a genetically-predetermined threshold of tolerance for illnesses and environmental exposures. When this threshold is surpassed, and the body is “full”, it is unable to “fight” back effectively and illness occurs.

2.   Environmental medical doctors refer to the body’s threshold as the “body load”. Anything can contribute to body load, including but not limited to past infections, viruses, medications, chemicals, molds, chronic stress, surgeries, lack of exercise, and poor diet. Almost every illness occurs when this body-load threshold has been exceeded. Everything we do as far as treatment is geared toward decreasing the load, so that the body can get back on track.

3.       You reduce your body load by addressing the components that caused it.  That may take the form of reducing the toxins, such as mold or chemicals, in your environment, changing your diet, addressing underlying infections, improving your nutrition, reducing outside stressor, just to name a few.


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Information based on reports by Dr Susan Tanner, USA at

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