Escaping the mould exposure is often not enough. The body sometimes needs support and healing nutritional supplements to get back to homeostasis and a state of wellness.

Proper treatment of toxic mould exposure requires removing mould from both your body and your air. The air is the most important intervention because you breathe 2,904 gallons of air into your body every single day. If your indoor air is not mould free, no medical or surgical therapy will be effective long term, because the volume of contaminated air will always exceed what progress those treatments can offer.

When your air is clean, you must then address the mould spores, mycotoxins, and MVOC’s in your body. Nutritional and detoxification support is instrumental to this process. If elimination is off, you cannot progress. Complete Thymic FormulaMycoDetox Liver SupportL-Glutathione, and N-Acetyl Cysteine are helpful for this step. Digestion and building bile are also important to address at this point with a supplement like Digest Assist. It contains enzymes required for maximum nutrient absorption and circulation.

If your body is overly sensitive with allergies and histamine reactions to anything and everything, a supplement like Histamine Relief may be helpful in getting things to calm to a point where other treatments can be helpful.

Just as removing fungus from your nose is instrumental in reducing and stopping exposure, beginning to remove the fungus from the rest of your body often requires depleting it with natural antifungals like Candida Rid and/or CitriDrops Dietary Supplement. These supplements address mould throughout the body and can often be used much longer term than prescription antifungals.

Gut health compromised by mycotoxins and yeast must also be restored. The gut houses 85% of your immune system, thus it must be healthy for you to be healthy. Microflora Balance and IgG Gut Protect help to heal tight junctions in the gut lumen, bind toxins, and re-establish the balance of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract.

Since the immune system has been compromised by mould, truly healing must also involve some priming and immune therapy to help your body withstand subsequent exposures and challenges. Beta Glucans cause an increase in macrophages which are white blood cells that seek and destroy invading microbes. This teaches your immune system how to respond more efficiently. Using Beta Glucans also makes the transfer factor in Sinus Defense 300% more effective in removing pathogens.

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