Test your home

Self-Testing Kits:
Hiring a qualified Mould Assessor can be an expensive exercise despite the importance of the information they provide. 

In situations where you may be a tenant or on a restricted budget, Self-Testing your home is the most affordable starting point. This option will not
provide the same amount of information as a Mould Assessor but it will provide confirmation of current occupational safety levels.

Visible Mould:
Mould can form on a variety of substrates and the species and toxicity levels can depend on the moisture content. We can provide a T001
Tape Sample Kit which is used for visual surface mould sampling.

Non-Visible Mould:
Mould can form in wall, ceiling and floor cavities making it difficult to detect. If there is a musty odour, there is most likely mould hidden away
somewhere. A001 Air Testing samples are recommended in this situation to determine which species of mould spores you may be inhaling and if they
contain mycotoxins. The air testing machines can be hired out with clear instructions and are easy to use.

The Tape & Air samples are then dispatched to an internationally accredited laboratory for analysis to determine recommended occupational safety levels. Additional health and decontamination advice will also be provided as part of the package.