About Us

I have a background in healthcare and midwifery. I have worked with many families from all walks of life and living in a range of living conditions, some being damp and mouldy. Being Immunocompromised myself and having looked down the barrel of fertility issues I now have a passion to assist
families in living the healthiest lifestyle they possibly can. 
I now have three beautiful boys aged 5, 3 and 2 so my biggest responsibility to them is to
provide a healthy home.

Microfix has been structured to assist in rebuilding your immune system. This is achieved by improving air quality and occupational living by
managing airborne mould spores to a consistent level of inhalation safety. 
Rebuilding a damaged immune system can be a complicated process with several levels of consideration. New Zealand has a wide range of ingested medicines and natural health products which will gradually repair damaged immune systems. We are more focused on the air we breathe in our homes and workplaces as many people have become immunocompromised from their own living environment and yet we continue to live there whilst being treated. Surely this is handicapping valuable recovery time? 
Due to a variety of reasons including, external moisture ingress, poor ventilation and plumbing leaks, many homes have an unhealthy level of surface and airborne mould spores, some of which are toxic or allergenic which can damaged our immune systems, cause respiratory related illnesses and trigger allergenic reactions.

Carly Ellis – Microfix Director

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